Weekend Edition – Of Writing and Riding, Stories and Horses

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cricket_sm Me (in the front) and my sister (hanging on in back) on Cricket. I’m a happy girl. Sis – not so much.

I don’t have a conscious memory of my first time on a pony, but I do have a photo. In the blue-tinted picture, I am three-and-a-half years old and sitting astride a shaggy, black steed named Cricket. I’m sporting a red bandana, and the look on my face says it all – this is love. My younger sister is perched behind me wearing a bright yellow sweatshirt and a much less enthusiastic expression.

joe_sm Me and “Little Joe.” He was my pony for a whole summer. What a lucky girl. (And, check my cool bell bottoms, Dorothy Hamill haircut, and flashy red socks!)

As I grew older, my love of horses grew with me. By the time I was twelve, I was taking riding lessons. I even got to…

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About Angélique du Toit

The raison d'être for my blog entitled, One Step at a Time, was originally to share my journey of writing a tribute to two very special people; my brother Eugene and his partner, Pieter. I made a life changing decision to take a sabbatical from my role as an academic to fulfill what I had come to view as my life’s purpose, namely to write a book as a tribute to their six-year ordeal of living with cancer after my brother was diagnosed with terminal prostrate cancer. This blog was therefore to share this journey of writing my tribute, in the form of a book that was published in January 2016. Although, as an academic I have published numerous articles and books for an academic audience, my tribute to Eugene and Pieter required a very different style of writing. My blog was where I ranted and raved about my inadequacies as a creative writer, as opposed to an academic writer, and where I shared the adventure of finding a different voice of expression. However, I have moved on and decided to combine my love of writing with my insatiable passion and curiosity of people and my new blog, Hags with Attitude, is a culmination of my 20 year experience as a Coach and that of writing. My life has meandered around different countries and continents as well as different careers and my blog will share stories and experiences from women around the world. View all posts by Angélique du Toit

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