Why Blog?

I offered an introduction to the purpose of my blog when I first embarked on this journey a few months ago and this post is therefore to pause and reflect on my initial thoughts. It is also a good time to reflect on the journey hitherto and whether I have been true to my initial goals for the blog.

Having spent nearly 20 years as an academic and executive coach, I decided to take an indefinite sabbatical nearly a year ago. The reason for such a drastic step was to devote my time writing a tribute to two very special people. They are my brother, Eugene and his partner of 23 years, Pieter. Like millions of other gay couples around the world, they got on with living their lives until the day Eugene was diagnosed with terminal prostrate cancer. The privilege of bearing testimony to their love and support for each other was the prompt for taking the radical decision to take time out from my career and to publish a tribute in their honour.

The purpose of this blog is therefore to share with you my personal journey of writing this tribute. Although I have published in many academic journals as well as a number of academic books, I have found this is a very different style of writing. My blog is a way of reflecting on the journey of (re)discovering a new way of writing and the trials and tribulations I encounter along this journey. The blog will also serve as an extension of the book I will eventually publish in honour of Eugene and Pieter and serve to reach out to others in a similar position.

Since embarking on this adventure, I am fascinated with the many detours it is leading me on and who knows where it will eventually end….

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